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Dalaman - Introduction
 Dalaman is situated in the Mugla Province in the South- west of Turkey. It is an area of natural beauty lying between the mountains and the sea. As a developing tourist region it is a quiet and peaceful spot having great swathes of gold and white sands, warm seas and guaranteed sunshine makes Dalaman an ideal holiday destination. Dalaman is an area of natural beauty. It is located between the sea and mountains and benefits from its proximity to many areas of interest both historical and geographic interest. Dalaman is rapidy becoming an area of destination. Recent investments to Airport, road ways and the continuous development of the area is making it more accessable. Dalaman is now rapidly becoming an investment area for many Europeans purchasing property for investment in Turkey. This seems due to many factors including the town being designated a main touristic area from now on: plans for new marinas and a golf course are underway. Dalaman town itself has many shops, resturants, bars and tea gardens and is growing quickly due to the investment in the area. Dalaman has its own huge natural beach, although not overly commercial 'yet' it is still pleasant and hosts lots of wildlife.The town is ideally situated for lots of resort areas but perfect if you prefer a quieter place to base yourself. The beaches in Dalaman are excellent with a wide variety of water sporting facilities. The nightlife is often centred round hotels and resort complexes. The diverse cuisine satisfies most palates. Those interested in ancient history will find a large number of fascinating archaeological sites. Dalaman is particularly popular with families. Those who are looking for a quiet relaxing holiday will find all they need in Dalaman. The more energetic holiday maker will discover a wide range of sporting activities both in and out of the water. It is an ideal spot for those interested in the ancient past The holiday season lasts from early spring until late autumn when the temperature range is from the twenties to the high thirties. Although summer is the most popular time to visit Dalaman, the early spring and autumn are also inviting when the sun is not so fierce and the waters are still warm. Dalaman Dalaman has a bustling airport and yet the area remains quiet and unspoilt. The town itself has many cafes, restaurants and tea gardens to attract visitors. Dalaman is in a very scenic area with many very pretty resorts. There are many opportunities for those who enjoy retail therapy with numerous shops, bazaars and markets where haggling for goods is an essential part of the shopping experience. Many visitors avail themselves of a visit to the steaming Turkish baths followed by a massage. Dalaman Nightlife The nightlife in Dalaman is suited to those who enjoy quiet evenings although Dalaman Town itself is lively. Entertainment is often hotel based and includes live music and belly dancing displays. Local cuisine is very good and the restaurants in the larger resorts serve a range of international foods. Dalaman Shopping There are always places to shop in Dalaman Town and its surrounding area are no exception. Boutiques, craft and souvenir shops and jewellers are numerous and have long opening hours. Roadside stalls, bazaars and markets usually sell their goods until late in the evening. Shopkeepers and stall holders have a very positive approach to selling and there is great competition to relieve you of your money. You will be offered many ‘bargains. There are many outlets for leather goods, carpets and gold and silver jewellery. Don’t forget to buy the blue glass beads, which, according to legend protect you from the evil eye. Dalaman Eating In Dalaman there are numerous places to satisfy the appetite ranging from pavement cafes serving traditional food, to restaurants offering international cuisine. Traditional Turkish food is very tasty and there is a great emphasis on vegetables. Meat and fish is usually served grilled and there is a wide variety on offer.


Sarigerme is a quiet resort and has a small street for shops. What to say about this place. When you approach the town it is like you are in the Mediterranean countryside, it is very idyllic and beautiful. This beautiful place is not far from Dalaman airport. Heading off the main road, you wind down along a small valley to the sea and a long, wide, white-sand beach, backed by shady pine trees. Quite how the mass-market has overlooked Sarigerme for so long is a mystery, but for now we can rejoice in it remaining a peaceful haven. The village itself is about 1 km from the lovely beach. Sarigerme Beach is a  tourist haven found on the beautiful Mediterranean coast near the village of Osmaiye. With a splendid beach along the breathtaking coast, this small private run beach has quite a bit to offer tourists. The beach along with several traditional eateries combine to be the ideal elements needed for a memorable sun, sand and surf holiday.

Built upon the apparent site of the ancient city of Physilis, Sarigerme is a recently overhauled and polished tourist area. Because the ancient city was hidden and not known to be there when Sarigerme was built, most of Physilis’ history will remain a mystery, buried beneath Sarigerme. The actual beach of Sarigerme is a privately run beach, ideal for families. There is a small zoo where children can interact and pet the animals. Water sports are offered as well as the amenities and enjoyable menus of a few small local cafes.

Outside of Sarigerme Beach, the area boasts several top notch hotels with all the modern amenities and entertainment options many tourists want to include in their holidays. All of these hotels offer excursions for you to get out and explore the natural beauty of the area. These various excursions are also ideal if you want to see the local culture, if experiencing a bit of the local life is something you are looking for on your holiday.

Nearby to Sarigerme Beach are the mud baths which are reputed to boost beauty and health in every person that visits and enjoys the mud baths. With therapeutic properties galore, the mud baths boast a relief from many skin conditions and gastric upsets as well as making you look  younger.  It is certainly worth a visit and a romp in the mud baths to test out the hype for yourself.


 Gocek, a small seaside farming village turned into the top yachting center of Turkey, lies on a valley surrounded by hills on three sides. Due to abundant freshwater, the warm climate and very fertile soil, farming is still practiced even though land prices have skyrocketed in the last decade since Gocek became an internationally famous port city. İt was named Kalimche” in ancient times, and is located between Fethiye – Telmessos in ancient times – and Dalyan – Caunos in ancient times. Göcek was used as a harbour for ships loading chrome ore collected from the mines under nearby mountains during the Ottoman period. This region is the heart of ancient Lycia and host to a number of historic sites amongst which Kadyanda, Kaunos, Tlos, Pinara, Letoon, Xanthos and Patara are particularly noteworthy
Today, Göcek hosts six significant marinas that serve the yacht tourism in the region: Club Marina, Skopea Marina, Municipality Marinas, Marinturk Göcek Village Port, Marinturk Göcek Exclusive and Port Göcek Marina. A prominent characteristic of the town is the fact that it harbors islands and coves located in a large and secluded bay. Owing to its location, it naturally enjoys a high potential for yacht tourism. In 1988, Göcek was declared a Registered Area of Special Protection. Therefore, multi-story buildings are not allowed, the tourist accommodation facilities are two-storied hotels, motels, apartment hotels, and pensions situated in the town center and its periphery. Göcek has all the necessary infrastructure, capacity, and amenities expected in a tourism center, yet it is renowned as a much more peaceful and quiet settlement than some other tourism areas.
Göcek is situated on Dalaman–Fethiye highway.
The permanent population in Göcek is around 4,500. This number exceeds 7,000 during the summer months. Since Göcek is a departure and arrival point forBlue Cruises is heavy yacht traffic in the town harbor. With its secluded bay, the harbor is quiet and safe, especially for long-distance travelers arriving from international waters. Göcek coves and the 12 islands, which are described as a hidden paradise, with clean water, green pine forests, and beaches, have rendered Göcek an indispensable destination for seafarers. High-quality boarding facilities, daily boat tours, entertainment facilities on the seaside, and numerous nearby beaches and coves provide various alternatives for local and international tourists traveling by road to spend their vacations. There are many restaurants, cafés, and bars on the promenade.
Göcek became known to groups of artists and poets and to some fisherman from Bodrum as a result of their cruising along the Turkish Turquoise Coast, a journey later called the “Blue Voyage”.
The gulf of Göcek and Fethiye provides many opportunities to visit cultural sites as Caunos, Telmessos, Fethiye Museum, Tlos, Pınara, Letoon, Xanthos and Patara.
Of the beaches, one belongs to the Swiss Hotel and can be used paying a daily price or taking out a seasonal membership. Inlice Beach is out of Göcek and can be reached with a 10-minute drive; it is run by the municipality of Göcek. The main island beach is reachable by water taxi from the harbor. Other beaches are easily accessible by car or taxi. Amongst these is Sarigerme, a long sandy beach. Beyond Sarigerme is the protected beach of Iztuzu in the Dalyan Delta. In the opposite direction, the famous beach at Ölüdeniz is only 40 minutes drive away.
The Twelve Islands can be reached by private charter boats, simple fishing boats, and larger yachts. There are about 20 sailing and motor yacht charter and brokerage sailing companies, which makes Göcek a high-class sailing place. Accordingly, there are several technical yacht services, chandlers and maintenance services.
There is a well-maintained, 24-hour health center, with five doctors and three pharmacies in the town.
There are two big and several smaller grocery shops, as well as two butchers.
Although many locals now earn most of their income from tourism, life continues much as it has done for centuries. 

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Pancratium maritimum is a bulbous perennial with a long neck and glaucous, broadly linear leaves. The flowers have a pleasing, exotic and very subtle lily scent, which only becomes apparent during still, windless summer nights that allow the delicate fragrance to become perceptible.


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